Personalised keyring – Hornbill

This new personalised keyring will draw the eye of any bird lover. This keyring features the southern ground hornbill and can feature your own custom engraving on the back to make it a truly unique item. Each keyring is carefully handcrafted, made from wood and is of a high quality standard.

Personalised keyring – Hornbill

This new personalised keyring features a hornbill silhouette cut-out of in a rectangular shape. Each personalised keyring is carefully handcrafted and made from wood. What makes this keyring truly special is the option for an engraving on the back of the keyring. This can be a logo, word or phrase. This makes the keyring ideal for using at promotional events or functions where often a brand name or message is required on the products themselves. Each personalised keyring measures 3.5 cm x 5.5 cm 0.6 cm.

This personalised keyring can be resold with your branding on to make it your own. Simply contact us and we will provide you a quote at a discounted price. This product is also guaranteed to be safe for international shipping as it falls within the legal parameters of shipping wood internationally.

Hornbill numbers are ever declining. Hornbills face several threats in the wild, namely loss of habitat, electrocution, poisoning and trapping. This hornbill keyring was designed to aid the Mabula Ground Hornbill Project to raise funds and awareness for this struggling bird. The back of the keyring can feature an engraving of your choice, making it ideal for raising awareness for a particular foundation or wildlife trust.

We also create a range of other products, including coasters and 3d puzzles. Like all our products, each item is carefully handcrafted to make a professional and high quality end result. We also have other keyrings on our website so be sure to check out our rhino range and our gemsbok range of keyrings.