New Keyring Designs

Africa/Rhino themed key ring

A new Africa/ rhino themed key ring will be available for sale within the next couple of weeks. The key ring incorporates a rhino and a Africa theme to produce a stunning African type theme, all while supporting the good cause of saving rhinos from becoming extinct animal.

The key ring itself

The key ring consists of 3 solid wooden pieces that will be clued together and died with Indonesian teak. The key ring will come complete with a steel chain and a split ring.

Ordering the key ring in bulk

This particular key ring will be available for ordering in bulk. Ordering in bulk will give you huge discounts, and will be perfect for putting in your shop. The more you are, the cheaper it comes!

Key ring pricing

The key ring will launch at about R40.00 each, getting cheaper and cheaper the more you buy, while possibly getting as low as R22.00 a key ring!

Support our cause

Help animal assist by buying any of our items. A portion of all of our products, yes, even if you are ordering in bulk, will be donated towards saving endangered animals, so even if you are stocking up for your business, you are still supporting a greater cause of saving endangered animals such as the rhino.

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