Engraved coasters – Gemsbok

One of our latest creations! This unique engraved coaster features a Gemsbok in an African sunset. Like all of our coasters, it is made from wood and of the highest quality. A custom engraving can be added to each coaster within the set, along with its box to make an item great for promotional events, functions or even a gift to a African safari lover.

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Engraved coasters – Gemsbok

Let out lovely new engraved coasters fill your home with the African spirit! Each coaster is carefully handcrafted and features a walking Gemsbok silhouette, capturing a beautiful sunset on the African planes. These new engraved coasters feature an African theme, while still maintaining a modern look, making it a near perfect fit for any home decor you might have. The coaster itself is made from wood and features a very unique cornered shape to make it stand out from the rest. Each of the engraved coasters can also feature your very own custom engraving, making it ideal for promotional events or functions as your own branding can be added. Each coaster within the set will get your engraving, alongside the coaster box that the set comes with. Each coaster set come in packs of 4 and measure 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 0.6 cm or a complete set with the box measures 10 cm x 10 cm x 3.6 cm.

These engraved coasters are also ideal for simply reselling, should you have an online or physical store. Being able to add your own branding will make the products really unique and will make your store seem more professional by having your own personal brand engraved into the wood of each coaster. Simply contact us and we will come back to you with a quote for these items at a discount price. These coasters are also ideal for international shipments as they fall within the legal parameters for shipping international parcels.

We also make all kinds of other products, including keyrings and 3d puzzles. Each of our products feature its own theme and we can guarantee that it will be a one of a kind product. We also have other coaster ranges which you might be interested in as well, including our rhino range and our hornbill range. Be sure to check them out too!