Unique coaster – The Hornbill

Another one of our unique coasters. Each coaster is carefully hand assembled and of the finest quality. What makes our coasters so different is the ability to add your own custom engraving, making it so unique from anything else you are likely to find. This coaster features symmetrical hornbill shapes and some finer hornbill details in the center of the coaster.

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Unique coaster – The Hornbill

This unique coaster set features a square design along with symmetrical hornbill protrusions, and with some much finer hornbill detailing going down the center of each coaster within the set. This new design will draw the eye of any bird or African wildllife lover. Like all of our other coaster designs, this design allows you to add your own engraving to the coaster. This unique coaster also features a lot of contrast with its different layers and opposing colours, making the design really striking. Being able to engrave on the coaster sets it apart from anything else and allows your own branding to be engraved onto the coaster. This makes it ideal for promotional events where you need to convey a message or a brand. Anything can be engraved, such as a logo, word, phrase or even a small picture. Each coaster measures 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 0.6 cm. These unique coasters also come complete with a box which also features your engraving. The coaster box along with the coasters measure 10 cm x 10 cm x 3.6 cm.

This coaster set also makes a great product for simply reselling, should you have a website or a shop. If you are interested in selling this item, simply contact us and you can receive this item at a greatly discounted price. The branding aspect of this coaster makes it perfect for shops to sell as their own brand can be featured. All of our products are perfectly safe for international shipping and fall within the legal parameters of shipping wood.

We also sell a line of other products such as coasters and 3d puzzles. Each range has a few different animal themes to choose from. If you would like to see more coasters, be sure to check out our gemsbok range and our rhino range too. Like all of our products, they are handmade and are of the finest quality. They can also feature your own custom engraving.