Table Coaster – Hornbill Round

One of our new table coasters! Each coaster has been carefully handcrafted for a beautiful end result. Our coasters are made from wood and can be personalised to your needs with our custom engraving option. Engrave anything from your own personal logo to just a word. This makes it ideal to promotional events or functions.

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Table Coaster – Hornbill Round

Our new and simplistic table coaster set features a round design with a hornbill in its center. These new table coasters are professionally handcrafted and made from wood. This new coaster will make a great gift to any bird lovers. The coaster maintains a modern feel, making it great for resting on any table top you can find.It is also a great item to raise awareness for the ground hornbill which is currently under threat in the wild. Furthermore, the coaster also has the option to have your very own unique branding engraved. Each coaster within the set will receive your branding, making it a truly unique item to have. Each coaster set come in sets of 4 and measure 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm. Each set of coasters is also available in its own box. The coasters with their box measure 10 cm x 10 cm x 3.6 cm. The box itself will also receive an engraving on the front.

This of course also makes the product ideal for fundraising events, promotional events or functions, allowing you to add your message, logo, word or phrase onto the coaster itself. This product is also great for reselling at your own shop. If you would like to stock these table coasters, why not contact us and we will send you a quote at a discount price. This product is also guaranteed to be safe for international shipping as it falls within the legal parameters for shipping wood internationally.

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