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What we do at Animalassist

At Animalassist design and create a range of animal themed products and distribute them to animal foundations all over the world. The animal foundations will then resell our products to their supporters at retail price, saving all profits and helping the foundation and their cause.

We create products including keyrings, coasters & puzzles, with plans to create many more product ranges in the futue. Our wildlife product range is inspired by some of Africa’s most beautiful, majestic creatures, such as the rhino. We tend to focus more on animals that are under severe threat to help those foundations out that need the support the most. Apart from foundations simply buying and reselling, we also help foundations out with promotional events by promoting their foundation’s name or cause on our products.

Help us support wildlife foundations by buying our products from any of these foundations:

We have and plan to supply to all the these foundations:

If you would like to know more about what we do at Animalassist, simply contact us.




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