Bulk Order Pricing

Want to sell our products?

At animalassist we offer you the ability to buy any of our animal themed products in bulk. Perfect for selling at flea markets, shops or online!  We offer up to 60% discount on some of our items, giving your shop the ability to add up to a 170% markup on our products.

Bulk order pricing guide:

Keyring Minimum QTY Normal Retail Price Bulk Price per item Minimum order
20 R40.00 – R50.00 R 27.00 R 540.00
40 R40.00 – R50.00 R 22.00 R 880.00
Consignment: R32.00 per keyring
Coaster Minimum QTY Normal Retail Price per set of 4 Bulk Price per set of 4 Minimum order
8 R90.00 – R110.00 R 72.00 R 576.00
12 R90.00 – R110.00 R 65.00 R 780.00
Consignment: R78.00 per coaster set


We also allow consignment orders, should you like to test out our products first before placing a regular order. Consignment can also be continued for future orders if you so choose, however, your shop well benefit more from regular bulk orders. You will receive 20 key rings and 8 coaster sets for consignment orders. Additionally, you will be invoiced for the delivery fees to your shop.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us here.

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